Balancing Working at Home with Little Children

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Juggling working at home while having two little ones underfoot is an extremely hard thing to do. On one hand, you are lucky to get the opportunity to work at home while still taking care of your children. On the other hand, little ones, whether you have one or more, require constant attention and love, which can derail your business …

Royal Mint presses last batch of 'round pound' coins

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News The last of the “round pound” coins are rolling off the presses in December, making way for their new-look replacement.More than 2.2 billion circulating round £1 coins have been struck during the 32 years they have been in use.Replacing £1 notes, the coins were first launched on April 21 1983 – the Queen’s birthday – and… continue reading Read …

Modern Britain still 'does not provide level playing field' for rich and poor

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News Modern Britain is still suffering from “deep divides” in society, with a wide gulf between the life chances of the rich and poor, a major report has warned.There is a growing split by income and by class, with privately-educated pupils still dominating the top professions and top earners increasing their wealth while more than a million… continue reading Read …

Nestle slammed for 'shrinking' Quality Street

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Shopping & Deals Photo credit: Charlotte Stacey Hook/Facebook Quality Street’s Facebook page has been deluged with complaints after one customer posted a picture showing how the tins of chocolates have shrunk over the years.Charlotte Stacey Hook from Washington, Tyne & Wear, has kept several of the containers over the years to store her Christmas decorations in.And, this year, she couldn’t …

Beckhams make more from their second careers than their first

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News Victoria Beckham earns more now as a fashion designer than she ever did as a Spice Girl, with her business turning over £34 million a year.But while her turnover is double the £17 million husband David made from marketing and sponsorship deals last year, she hasn’t seen much of it. Accounts submitted to Companies House show that… continue reading …

Government accused after solar panel subsidies slashed

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News The Government has been accused of “huge, misguided cuts” to clean energy after it announced reductions of almost two-thirds to subsidies for solar panels on homes.The move, which ministers say is necessary to curb rising costs of green energy on consumer bills, comes just days after the UK backed the world’s first universal agreement to… continue reading Read Full …

Car park fine for man who died in hospital

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Motoring Photo credit: SWNS Jimmy Neal, a 73-year-old from At Austell in Cornwall had driven himself to A&E at the Royal Cornwall Hospital earlier this month, suffering from a lung problem. Sadly, the problem was worse than he thought, and after 10 days in hospital, he died. His grieving family were stunned when they heard they would have to pay …

Small scale solar panel subsidies cut by 64%

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News Subsidies for small scale solar panels on homes are to be cut by 64%, the Government has announced.Reductions in payments under the “feed in tariff” scheme for energy generated by new small scale renewables are not as severe as originally proposed in the summer, when ministers floated an 87% cut for domestic solar electricity.Domestic… continue reading Read Full Article