Are Banks Trying to Dodge PPI Claims?

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Are Banks Trying to Dodge PPI Claims? We take a look. With payments for mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI) averaging around £3,000, people looking to make a claim may be dismayed by suggestions that some financial institutions might be trying to evade payouts. That’s the claim from the Alliance of Claims Companies (ACC), which has reported a growing number of …

Car crashes most common on Fridays, study finds

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Friday is the most common day of the week for car crashes, new figures show.Analysis of more than 700,000 traffic accidents in Britain by Direct Line Car Insurance found that drivers have a 14%… Read Full Article

The easy way to stop nuisance calls forever

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Unwanted cold calls are Britain’s biggest money bugbear. A recent survey by GoCompare found that nuisance calls – especially those about PPI claims – are even more hated than charity muggers,… Read Full Article

Why I'd buy Legal & General Group plc right now

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In this morning’s half-year report, the chief executive of life and general insurance firm Legal & General Group(LSE: LGEN), Nigel Wilson, told us that the firm has “tremendous… Read Full Article

4 Reasons You Should Check If You’re Owed PPI

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The average payout for PPI claims is approximately £3000 — and there’s a very good chance you’re entitled to a similar figure. That amount alone should give you enough motivation to at least check if you’re owed PPI, but there are plenty more reasons to take a look… There’s a good chance you will have already heard of PPI claims …

Unexpected Events And How You Can Save For Every Eventuality

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In life, we never know what is around the corner. Which is why it can be so important to ensure that we try and plan for every kind of eventuality, especially something that will have a negative impact on our finances. Money makes the world go round, if you suddenly don’t have your normal income, you run the risk of …